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All successful retail businesses start with a great point of sale software. Having a good inventory management system makes things even better. However, we're not going to waste your time bragging about how ours is better than the competition's. You can get a nice looking POS anywhere. At Shoptimality, we really want to make a difference. That's why we're giving away both our POS and inventory management software for FREE.
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Save your precious time

Another approach to uniqueness

What we want to use your limited time for is to show you how Shoptimality makes a distinction from others. We leverage innovative artificial intelligence technology to help you grow your business. This is a very unique feature that we are extremely proud of and that really sets us apart from everyone else. Ready to learn how Shoptimality point of sale software can help you increase your sales?

Get your customers back

Shoptimality uses modern AI technology to learn about your customers. It gets to know them personally and uses this to interact with them. It knows exactly what they need and when they need it. Funny thing about this is that it knows it even before they do themselves. A business having a personal touch in customer relationship always makes them come back.
Get your customers back in store

Promote your products

Sell more with promotions that work

In a similar way, Shoptimality point of sale software analyses your sales data to learn about your customer behavior. It provides you with exclusive advice on what to put on promotion and when. It lets you know what products to put in a prominent place in your store. Finally, it will tell you how to reorder item layout to maximise sales and improve general shopping experience.

Improve inventory turnover

Never let your inventory to be stocked up again with items you can't sell. Shoptimality uses complex mathematical models to transparently predict future demand for every single one of your products based on your historical customer behavior. It tells you which products you don't need to order at all so you can improve your turnover and grow your business.
Improve inventory turnover with point of sale software

Increase product availability

Increase product availability

On a different side of spectrum, you don't want to ever come to a position where a high demand product would be out of stock. Shoptimality uses prediction and demand models to notify you exactly when a product will get sold out. It does this right on time so your retail business will never lose money for not having exactly what your customers want.

Always know where you're going

Things don't always go the way we want. Shoptimality AI learns from your sales patterns and customer behavior to make predictions about your future revenue. It can predict any potential uprise or downfall and show you exactly where it will come from. This way, you can see the bad days coming and handle them prepared.
Know where you're going

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