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Complete retail management solution with novel artificial intelligence integration

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Truly adaptable POS software

As part of it's service, Shoptimality provides you with point of sale app which is truly adaptable for any type of retail business. Our cloud POS software is capable of running in both offline and online mode so you can use it anytime from anywhere. It really doesn't matter whether you're using it in a food truck from a location with no signal or in an outlet from the middle of the shopping centre. It's truly mobile and supports all kinds of use cases.
Cloud POS software

Cloud based retail analytics

Superb cloud based retail analytics

Shoptimality cloud service backend gets data synchronized from across all of your Shoptimality cloud POS software registers. This allows you to always know how every single aspect of your business performs. Simple web based interface enables you to run superb retail analytics based on live data remotely from wherever you are. Finding out various things become a breeze with Shoptimality. For example, you can easily get information on stuff like how much revenue a particular store generated or who was the best performing sales person today. And those are just a few of the many available features.

Inventory management solution

Among all other things that your business will get when it becomes a Shoptimality user is the inventory management solution. This comes completely integrated and allows you to track all things related to inventory. You can generate barcodes and manage various inventory related information like product prices for example. And the best thing is, you can do all of this remotely without ever being required to even visit the store.
Inventory management solution

Retail artificial intelligence

Novel artificial intelligence integration

What's really unique with Shoptimality is that all of it's components implement a novel integration with the artificial intelligence technology. This enables your retail business to optimize internal processes more than it was ever possible before. In addition to that, it will also help you to sell more, get your customers back and generally improve their shopping experience. And last but not the least, this technology makes it possible to prevent losses and better plan the future of your business by using AI generated predictions.

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