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Shoptimality is a product allowing retailers to use artificial intelligence technology to benefit their business. However, it is a lot more than that. It's a cloud solution consisting of a set of tools allowing you to completely run your retail business.

It also provides you with point of sales software, inventory management solution and powerful cloud analytics enabling you to check the performance of your business at any time. It doesn't matter whether you're a one-man local hair salon or a big supermarket chain as Shoptimality is very scalable.

There are two aspects to Shoptimality. The cloud service and the POS software which is derived from, and connected to, the cloud part. The POS app is an Android application which is very easy to use, integrates with external hardware such as credit card terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners and also uses artificial intelligence to interact with your customers. It can operate in both online and offline modes for cases when there is no internet connection.

Cloud service can be operated with a web interface accessible via any browser. The main idea is that the sales happen in store via the POS app and you, as an owner, can login to the backend any time so you can manage inventory, run live reports and what's most important, use and configure the artificial intelligence.

While there are quite a lot of features in Shoptimality, they're actually very intuitive and easy to use. This documentation is designed so you can get up and running in no time. You can access the documentation index by clicking on the Documentation menu button at the bottom of the screen. If you're completely new to Shoptimality, we recommend that you begin by reading the Quick Start Guide page which is designed to get you up and running in shortest time possible. Alternatively, please use the links below to access sections of Shoptimality documentation which will have detailed information on separate features that Shoptimality supports.

Artificial Intelligence - Documentation section guiding you through all AI features present in Shoptimality.
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Performance Analytics - Documentation section explaining how to use all the analytical features of Shoptimality.
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Inventory Management - Documentation section containing information on how to use Shoptimality as a complete inventory management solution.
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Settings & Administration - Documentation section explaining how to configure and administer your business operations with Shoptimality.
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Point of Sales - Documentation section explaining how to configure and administer your business operations with Shoptimality.
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