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Retail layouts do make a difference

Running around the store trying to find that particular thing you need is just so terrible. And when you do find it, if you need to go back and do it all over again for the next thing, it makes your whole shopping experience such a chore. And no one likes chores, right? Same thing goes for service based businesses. The last thing you want is to enter a coffee shop and be presented with so much choice on every single side of it. That makes you end up not knowing what you actually want in the end.
Retail mess

Good retail layout

Doing it right can make your business shine

The most successful retailers present items in such an order that not only your shopping experience becomes great and effortless, but it makes you buy more and spend more. For example, your local grocery store might put the whipped cream just next to the strawberries. Or even better, give you a discount for buying both together. And they do go well together. In the same manner, a coffee shop may run a promotion giving you a great deal on buying a coffee and a pastry together. Point is, seeing great deals for things that go great together make you buy them. This is a win win situation as it makes the customer feel great and increases the revenue for the business.

Discover your "coffee and pastry" deals

Shoptimality uses artificial intelligence technology to discover significant number of item pairs that would trigger your customers to buy them when seen together. Our AI gets this information from your sales patterns to ensure you offer deals on pairs that your customers actually like, not the ones you think they like. You can use this information to change the layout of your store to maximize customer satisfaction and increase retail sales. The best thing is all of this integrates with Shoptimality POS so you can easily enable or disable a pair promotion with a click of a button from wherever you are.
Products going well together

Prominent retail offer

Knowing not just what but when as well

While this methodology certainly triggers your customers to buy more when they're already in store, there are certain times during the week when some pair deals would be really popular with your customers. Our AI technology can detect this and let you know exactly when it thinks a certain pair would work great in a promotion. You could use this information, for example, to display a storefront poster having the suggested pair deal advertised as the deal of the day. If utilized correctly and displayed prominently, this approach has the potential to get brand new customers to your shop as opposed to just making existing ones spend more.

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