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There's nothing worse than a bad offer

Ever been annoyed with offers at the till for completely unsolicited products that you would absolutely never need? We've all been there and it didn't feel good at all. While some retailers think this helps them sell more, you know best that is definitelly not the case. When a sales person starts pushing you to buy something you never really wanted, it makes you run away without ever looking back and ruins your whole experience.
Unhappy customer

Right offer for your customers

Meet the rightly timed related offers

More rarely though, we've all been made an offer for a product which we, strangely enough, just needed at a time. You got a product which you already wanted to buy anyways for much less of a price. And it felt great, didn't it? That's exactly what Shoptimality artificial intelligence does for your retail customers all the time. It uses complex machine learning models to automatically generate offers for products which your customers need, just when they need them.

Receipts as a medium for less annoyance

When your customers finalize a purchase in store, Shoptimality POS uses artificial intelligence to decide what is it that a given customer will need next most likely. AI bases this decision on the items in the current basket and historical customer behavior. Once those items are identified, our AI automatically generates personalized coupon codes for those items and prints them on a receipt. This is a less intrusive way of giving an offer, and gives your customers a chance to think and come back as opposed to now or never approach.
Interact through offers on receipts

Send personalized offers via e-mail

E-mail as a medium for promotions at scale

The more each one of your customers buys at your stores, the more our artificial intelligence gets to know them. It can then generate promotions for products which would be of even more interest to them than those which it generated based on their single purchase. And the best part of it is that, with Shoptimality, you will be able to get our AI to send those offers to your customers at scale, via e-mail. And when they see an offer for something they really need, you know they will always come back.

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